28 Syawal

Syawal bergerak begitu patas sehingga xterasa dh dipenghujungnya..Alhamdulillah sempat juga aku m'habiskan puasa 6 thn ni.. actually i've no mood today to talk with people around me..don't know y n i think PMS is around n 'mabuk estrogen' mayb..hihi.. As usual, i only write here when i dont want share n talk with people around me...But i dont want they know all about it and i should b the best actor eventhought i really hate 2 talk today..
Today is saturday and also public holiday (deepavali), and 3 open house 2 go (k.syitah, en.azwan n en imran). that is rezki 4 my housemate n i and really2 like it...but i really dont want 2 repeat what we do 4 the past utem opened various food n drink and lastly we got dammmm.seksa...
Actually i'm really worried about my study..i've not yet result and analysis till now after 2 years i'm here to do a research. what the hell's i'm do not have a talented to do that.. OMG plesss help me to find the straight way 2 finish it..and if i'm not borned 2 be a researcher, please wake up me from this dream..really need your help Dear God...

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